Funding Hate

Update:  Yelp cut my post on Lassens new store in Los Feliz, but apparently they can’t stanch the flood:

Lassen’s Los Feliz on Yelp

Down to 1 and a half stars now.

It started for me with Carl Karcher, founder of Carl’s Jr.  He was a “conservative” supporter of all things hateful.  After hearing about his support of the Briggs Initiative, I never stepped foot in any of his Restaurants.

In 1978, he provided $1 million USD to California’s Proposition 6, also known as the Briggs Initiative. He was the initiative’s biggest financial supporter. The proposition was a ballot measure requiring the termination of all gays and lesbians from employment in public schools. The initiative was defeated by over one million votes.

It was barely even a conscious decision.  I simply didn’t want to be associated with that sort of sickness.  I didn’t make the connection then that I would make now:  by frequenting Carl’s Jr., I was helping supply Mr. Karcher with that $1 million.

Flash forward to today.  I just had my first Yelp review deleted as “not within the guidelines.”  The review was for a new Natural Food Mart only three blocks from me.  It used to be the Nature Mart, but is now a branch of Lassens.  Lassens is a pretend crunchy granola company owned by bigots:

Prop. 8 foes aim their ire at Lassen’s stores

I will never be shopping there, as you can probably guess.  Nor will I be buying any product associated with Koch Industries, assuming that a few pennies from my purchase will be funding the Tea Party and extremely evil pseudoconservative lobbyists.

So…for three decades I’ve been an advocate of awareness shopping.  I’ve never held back from telling anyone who’s interested why I will not purchase certain products or frequent certain establishments.  I’ve waited for a coherent argument against this sort of thing, but nothing’s come up yet.  All I get is:

  • They have a right to their opinion
  • They can spend their money any way they choose
  • you’re not really hurting them – it’s all just symbolic

Sure, probably right on all counts.  So?  In the case of the Lassens donation, it always comes up that they are Mormons, ergo I am somehow impinging on their religious freedoms.  I’m not buying that one either.

I suppose I just wanted to rant for a moment.  I can understand Yelp’s side of things, and my post was not within the stated guidelines.  It still gets under my skin, as it’s the first time I’ve publicly posted on this sort of thing.  It’s out of my system now, so I’ll just go back to not funding hate.



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