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  1. Very insightful article. If I can ask, when/how did you talk to your parents about your Buddhist faith? I’m a soon-to-be college freshman. Do you have any advice or experiences you could share?

  2. Unfortunately, I could tell my parents where I was at, but I could never explain it to them. They weren’t even very religious people, but had spent their whole lives as Christians. I kept thinking there would be one book or article or something that I could ask them to read and a light would dawn.

    My father passed away without that moment coming. Maybe I’ll find some way to talk to my mother.

  3. Great post. I think Buddhism is a big enough idea to contain a wide range of practitioners, adherents, and admirers. There’s no contest to win with regard to the symantic argument about the word “religion”.

  4. I too am a practicing buddhist. My path was similar in nature of exploration. My full awakening came when I attended a Lecture by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, on the National Mall in Washington DC. It was the closest thing to a conversion, Saul on the road to Tarsus, moment anyone can hope to experience. The tears just ran down my face. The rest is history. I have attempted many times to explain this in these same Christian terms to my Protestant parents and they will not accept the validity of my experience. I have even lent them a couple of books about Jesus and the possibility of his having studied in the East on the “spice trail’. I have discussed the notion of Christ as a teaching Buddha… they’re not having it. I just keep it on the down-low for the sake of family peace.

  5. Unfortunately, many Christians don’t know very much about their religion. They cloak their lack of knowledge with more “faith.” It makes it hard to have an open discussion.

    The Dalai Lama is a marvelous speaker. He makes the case for Buddhism as few others can do. Did you carry on from there in the Tibetan tradition? I’ve always found that to be a bit too esoteric for me 🙂

  6. I try to get to the Dalai Lama’s teachings in the US when I can afford to. Mostly when he is in NYC.

    I think the esoterica appealed to me. LOL Yes, I have continued in the Tibetan tradition and am really blessed to have a temple within seven miles of my home. It is the headquarters of the Buddhist Society of America and home to the largest indoor Buddha in the Western Hemisphere. Took my young granddaughters there this summer and they were awed. The seven year old was very eager to learn all about Buddhism. I think she is a really old soul. When she was about three months old and I was holding her on my shoulder, she shifted position, put her forehead against mine and look directly into my eyes for a long time. We’ve had a special connection ever since.

    BTW- came to your blog post via PMC, so I knew you were a kindred spirit. Namaste

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