Addicted to Statistics

“My name is William and I am a Fantasy Baseball user…and I’m diving in again this year.”  Not so much a parody of 12 Step meetings as an admission that Fantasy Baseball is no longer a pleasant pastime that I can take or leave as I please.

As with any of my (frequent) consuming passion, I have spent a long time watching my descent into FB.  This is not to say that I observed at a remove.  I was there and I am fully complicit.  I do, however, understand the obsession without being able to control it.  Most addicts will understand the place I’m in.

The main thing is the numbers.  Baseball is all numbers!  Beyond the old stats of Batting Average and Strikeout Ratios, new numbers are being created all the time.  I have been lulled into the belief that understanding these numbers will equate with understanding Baseball, which belief is also the reason that so many (worse off than I) create the massive tables of new numbers.

But if understanding Baseball is the objective, my logical side holds out.  I’m really not getting a “macro” understanding of the game at all.  Consider my usual conversation with a fan:

Drew Stubbs

“Drew Stubbs is going to be a monster this year.  His second half numbers would have put him in the top five.”

“Yeah, but their pitching staff is never going to come together.”

“Who’s pitching staff?”

Yes, I understand the statistics for 80 or 100 different players, but I couldn’t say what team they play on.  In Fantasy Baseball, it doesn’t matter.  I am addicted to statistics, not to Baseball.

And now, the diabolic aim to all of this:  I want you to join me!  I need some competition!

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