Religious Freaks Strike Out

…in both senses of the phrase:  striking out at the rational world, where the everyday lives of all of us absolutely disgust them; striking out when trying to defend their hates and prejudices in court.

Judge Walker’s Decision on Prop 8, was a thorough beatdown on the idea that we can, by a simple majority vote, place hate and fear into the Constitution of California.  Please read it:

Please, please, please!  OK…not many people will read it.  That would explain the comments I read against the decision.  These are always re-hashings of arguments that the Prop 8 Proponents had every opportunity to bring before and defend in Court.  Every one of them failed.  Apparently reading scripture and making up statistics doesn’t carry much legal weight.

The main problem for the Freaks in court was showing that the State has an Interest in denying rights to a subset of its citizens.  All of their evidence pointed to the State’s interest in promoting stable families living in stable households.  Their evidence bit them hard when it also showed that married, same-sex couples are stable families and create stable household.  In fact, all of the evidence pointed to a State Interest in allowing same-sex couples the right to marry.

Please read the decision.  The next time you read “people will be marrying dogs!” or “the majority voted for it!” or “they can’t have children!” please point the poster to the above link.  They all need to read this.

William Caulfield

I can’t say that I’ve always liked my name.  Mostly I never really liked the contraction to Bill and Billy.  If I were raised in Ireland that might have been Liam.   Much more to my liking, but a pretentious sounding change for an American at my age.  The Caulfield side of it I have always liked.  The name has a long and storied history in Northern Ireland, being carried forth today by the other William Caulfield.

The Other William Caulfield

Yes, there is a famous William Caulfield, and it’s not me.  Since I do have pointing here, I think he deserves a shoutout.

Comedian William Caulfield
Comedian William Caulfield

William was born in 1959 in Lurgan, North Ireland.  His career in Comedy blossomed on BBC Ulster Radio, doing monologues as various created characters.  He moved from there to warmup for a number of BBC and UTV shows.  Along the way he appeared on stage in productions of “My Fair Lady,” “Guys and Dolls” and many other musical comedies.  Apparently, Mr. Caulfield can do anything comedic, plus he can sing and dance.

His TV show, “An Evening With James Young” was one of the most watched for BBC Northern Ireland in 2008.  He has since take it on the road as “Our Jimmy.”

His official website is here:

His Facebook page is here:

William Caulfield – Facebook

We are friends on Facebook, though I’ve never met him.  I’ve also never seen him perform.  I am planning a trip to Ireland next year, so that will be on the list along with seeing an Ulster Rugby match.

More on the historical William Caulfield Second Viscount Charlemont at another time.  Any other William Caulfields out there, let me know, and tell me if you like your name.