I’m Special! Really.

I recently listened to a talented gentleman (Moth Radio Hour?) painting a small vignette of the End Times:

You wake up one morning and it’s the Zombie Apocalypse.  You go next door to talk to your neighbors about it, but they are no longer your neighbors…they are delicious!

zombiesHow many people watching Zombie movies ever consider what their odds would be in that future hellscape?  The obvious odds, probably 99%, are that they would be zombies.  Do they relate to the movie in that way?  Of course not.  They cannot picture it that way.  Instead, they are Alice, wandering the world shooting all those nasty zombies in the head.resident-evil-alice

Personal Exceptionalism:  a trickle-down version of National Exceptionalism.  In a Western, you would be the lone gunfighter stepping out on the street, instead of a cowardly towns-person huddling behind your door.  In a war movie, you would be carrying your buddy 50 miles to safety, instead of lying in a ditch with a gaping wound.

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